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Gust Gallery - Fine Arts

Waterton Lakes National Park

Tom Hjorleifson

Tom Hjorleifson - Bison
"Wolf Study"
Tom Hjorleifson - Wolf Study
Tom Hjorleifson - Chillaxin
"Goin' for Broke"
Tom Hjorleifson - Goin' for Broke
"Mountain Bear"
Tom Hjorleifson - Mountain Bear
Side View
Tom Hjorleifson - Rollie -Side View
Front View
Tom Hjorleifson - Rollie -Front View
Front View
Tom Hjorleifson - Sly - Front View
Top View
Tom Hjorleifson - Sly - Top View
Artist Biography

Tom Hjorleifson creates his works in his studio in Canmore, Alberta. He ranges in sizes, creating works that are miniature to monumental, and works with stainless steel and bronze. Tom was born in Winnipeg and also lived his later years in Calgary. The YMCA aided him in his career and development. His travels also played a major influence.

Tom graduated in 1980 from the University of Calgary with a BPA in Outdoor Pursuits. In 1990, he began experimenting with clay and soon became a member of the Canmore Artisans and Artists. His work is exhibited in collections across country.

Artist Statement
“The Rocky Mountain Wilderness inspires my work. Personal encounters with wildlife evoke a deep passion, a desire to capture the magic of those moments. Hopefully, the works will promote the importance of the environmental movement.”

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