Louis Brandsma 



Calm Waters, Wood Ducks 

oil on masonite 

15'' x 30'' 




Cameron Falls in Springtime  

acrylic on Masonite 

16'' x 30'' 




Chickadee at Cameron 

acrylic on masonite 

12'' x 18.5'' 




Western Tanager 

acrylic on Masonite

10'' x 17'' 











Born and raised in Southern Alberta, Louis Brandsma spent his early life on a farm. He was a great admirer of the wildlife amongst the rural fields and soon began to paint his surroundings. In 1978 Brandsma painted from his home, learning only from himself as he was self-taught and guided by the stroke of his intuitions. 


Brandsma has successfully exhibited his artworks since the beginning of his career. His technique is extremely precise and attentive to little details. His earlier works were influenced by Charles Russell, an American West artist whose works depict colourful stories of the old 'Wild West' landscapes. However, Brandsma was also influenced by Canadian naturalist and artist, Robert Bateman, admiring his focus and realistic technique. Bateman's portrayal of the natural world convinced Brandsma to use similar realism while applying his visions of the rural landscapes.


In recent days, Brandsma has focused on atmosphere and composition. His wildlife art is striking with convincing details. He preserves the natural beauty of the landscapes with the honesty of colours and compositions. Brandsma work continues to celebrate Mother Nature, providing magnificence and beauty through his works of art.