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Gust Gallery - Fine Arts

Waterton Lakes National Park

Brent Laycock, RCA

"Summertime Coulee"
24x48" acrylic
Brent Laycock - Summertime Coulee - 24x48in acrylic
"Purple Range"
12x12" acrylic
Brent Laycock - Purple Range - 12x12in acrylic
"Snow on Mt. Girouard"
24x48" acrylic
Brent Laycock - Snow on Mt. Girouard - 24x48in acrylic
"Bertha Trail Fireweed"
12x16" acrylic
Brent Laycock - Bertha Trail Fireweed - 12x16in acrylic
"Waterton Pass Creek Vista"
30x40" acrylic
Brent Laycock - Waterton Pass Creek Vista - 30x40in acrylic
"Fall Colours at Cameron Creek"
12x12" acrylic
Brent Laycock - Fall Colours at Cameron Creek - 12x12in acrylic
"Sheep River Plunge"
12x16" acrylic
Brent Laycock - Sheep River Plunge - 12x16in acrylic
"Mountain Beargrass"
16x12" acrylic
Brent Laycock - Mountain Beargrass - 16x12in acrylic
"Beargrass Along the Trail"
16x12" acrylic
Brent Laycock - Beargrass Along the Trail - 16x12in acrylic
"Windswept Garden"
18x24" acrylic
Brent Laycock - Windswept Garden - 18x24in acrylic
"Hillside Splendour"
30x4" acrylic
Brent Laycock - Hillside Splendour - 30x4in acrylic
"Valley Beyond Crandell"
24x24" acrylic
Brent Laycock - Valley Beyond Crandell - 24x24in acrylic
"Waterton River Panorama"
24x48" acrylic
Brent Laycock - Waterton River Panorama - 24x48in acrylic
Reflections About My Work

As a boy on our prairie farm in southern Alberta, I was profoundly moved by the forms of land and sky. After various studies, experiments and explorations, I was drawn back to the landscape as a source of endless inspiration.

It is a challenge to see something new in what is already familiar. For me, that search is not really to find something previously overlooked in the landscape itself, but to discover something new emerging from the canvas during the act of painting. The subject matter is merely a starting point with the hope that something dynamic will happen on the canvas. Perhaps a new colour idea, a rhythmic passage or intriguing texture will emerge, capture the viewer’s attention and evoke some feeling.

As a student, I was interested in the abstract qualities of music such as rhythm, repetition, melody, movement, contrast, harmony etc. These principles have their counterparts in visual design and are often useful in creating an abstract visual composition. Even when the subject is recognizable, a painting should possess a successful abstract composition. And, I believe, it is this underlying abstract quality of the work that actually sparks an emotional response.

But whatever technique is used, I hope that the viewer will not only see some trees, hills and water but will be able to become intrigued with sweeping passages of subtle colour, or get involved with a tangle of interwoven texture or a discover a sudden hidden jewel of colour. Creating the painting is an emotional, and I hope that in each work the viewer can experience a personal voyage of discovery.

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