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Gust Gallery - Fine Arts

Waterton Lakes National Park

Don Hamm

"Blue Moose"
36x48" oil on canvas
Don Hamm - Blue Moose - 36x48in oil on canvas
"Path Beside The Lake"
oil on canvas
Don Hamm - Path Beside The Lake - oil on canvas
"Waterton-Light Effects Spread Eagle Rd"
30x36" oil on canvas
Don Hamm - Waterton-Light Effects Spread Eagle Rd - 30x36in oil on canvas
"Waterton Mood—Becalmed"
oil on canvas
Don Hamm - Waterton Mood—Becalmed - oil on canvas
"Change of Season"
40x40" oil on canvas
Don Hamm - Change of Season - 40x40in oil on canvas
"Western Colour"
26x40" oil on canvas
Don Hamm - Western Colour - 26x40in oil on canvas
"Waterton, Patterned Hills"
29x36" oil on canvas
Don Hamm - Waterton, Patterned Hills - 29x36in oil on canvas
Artist Biography

Originally from Saskatchewan where he studied art at the University of Saskatchewan in the 70's, he has been an Alberta resident since 1991.

He has shown work in many galleries across Alberta and has been involved in several dozens of shows both solo and group over the years.

Don Hamm's studio has been located in High River for over 20 years. Although he has worked in and explored a variety of mediums his primary focus has been as an oil painter since 2000.

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