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Gust Gallery - Fine Arts

Waterton Lakes National Park

Louis Brandsma

"Elk Herd In Waterton"
Louis Brandsma - Elk Herd In Waterton - acrylic
"New Beginnings White Tail"
Louis Brandsma - New Beginnings White Tail - acrylic
"Cameron Falls"
oil on board
Louis Brandsma - Cameron Falls - oil on board
"Quiet Predator"
Louis Brandsma - Quiet Predator - acrylic
"Late Autumn–Waterton"
Louis Brandsma - Late Autumn–Waterton - acrylic
"Grizzly Bear at Blakiston"
Louis Brandsma - Grizzly Bear at Blakiston - 14x36in
"Deer At Cameron"
20x30" acrylic on board
Louis Brandsma - Deer At Cameron - 20x30in acrylic on board

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