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Gust Gallery - Fine Arts

Waterton Lakes National Park

Maryanne Jespersen

"Staying on Course"
12x12" oil on canvas
Maryanne Jespersen - Staying on Course - 12x12in oil on canvas
"Brighter Days"
12x48" oil on canvas
Maryanne Jespersen - Brighter Days - 12x48in oil on canvas
"Eyes Pealed"
36x12" oil on canvas
Maryanne Jespersen - Eyes Pealed - 36x12 oil on canvas
"Keeping Pace"
12x12" oil on canvas
Maryanne Jespersen - Keeping Pace - 12x12 oil on canvas
"Southerly Reach"
12x12" oil on canvas
Maryanne Jespersen - Southerly Reach - 12x12 oil on canvas
Artist Biography

Maryanne was born and raised in central Alberta. The landscape of her childhood, the foothills and mountain views, still infuses her work, and she continues to explore and express her profound relationship with it.

Although she always had a great affinity for nature and rural life, she worked as a transport driver from 1983 to 1993, which left little time for her art. However, by late 1990 she began to study seriously and in 1993 she committed to a change of career towards becoming a full—time artist.

Initially, she worked mainly outdoors and slowly developed her individual style, drawing on the influences of an impressionistic sensibility and expressionistic use of color. She began to specialize in early morning and late afternoon scenes and found, in her quick, deft and confident brushwork, a way to capture the fleeting play of light and cloud of the big Albertan sky.

Her work continues to evolve. It is strong and identifiable. And it still retains a sense of warmth and closeness to her surroundings and conveys a deep respect and love of the land that remains her primary inspiration.

In 2000 she became a full-time artist and opened her own studio. She continues to try to paint everyday as she feels it is only by continual immersion in the practice of her art that she will become ever more able to share her imagination with others.

Maryanne's work can now be found in private collections in countries such as England, Qatar, South Africa and Australia, states in the USA including Colorado, Ohio, Minnesota, Idaho, Texas, and Washington, and across Canada, from Victoria to Montreal and Toronto. Maryanne's work is also included in corporate collections.

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