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Gust Gallery - Fine Arts

Waterton Lakes National Park

Roberta Murray

"Woodland Wanderer"
10x10" oil on canvas
Roberta Murray - Woodland Wanderer - 10x10 oil on canvas
"Canadian Bison"
5x7" oil
Roberta Murray - Canadian Bison - 5x7 oil
"Ursus Horribilis"
20x20" mixed media
Roberta Murray - Ursus Horribilis - 20x20 mixed media
10x18" oil
Roberta Murray - Nisa - 10x18 oil
"Canadian Side Eye"
5x7" oil
Roberta Murray - Canadian Side Eye - 5x7 oil on canvas
"Charles In Charge"
10x10" oil on canvas
Roberta Murray - Charles In Charge - 10x10 oil on canvas
"Canadian Picker"
8x8" oil
Roberta Murray - Canadian Picker - 8x8 oil on canvas
"Canadian Stare Down"
5x7" oil
Roberta Murray - Canadian Stare Down - 5x7 oil
"Lowbrush Surprise"
8x8" oil on canvas
Roberta Murray - Lowbrush Surprise - 8x8 oil on canvas
"Candian Shaggy Cow"
5x7" oil
Roberta Murray - Candian Shaggy Cow - 5x7 oil on canvas
Artist Biography

Roberta Murray, ASA, was born in Calgary, Alberta but now makes her home in the country southwest of Rocky Mountain House. This location works together with her deep love of nature and the land, to inspire her work.

Working mostly in oils, Roberta strives to produce evocative paintings that allow the viewer to create their own stories or interpretations. Her main focus is on impressionist landscapes with a special emphasis on big skies, which is a nod to both her great great uncle Frederick Cross, and the many years she has spent as a volunteer weather watcher for Environment Canada.

Roberta is a juried member of the Alberta Society of Artists, Federation of Canadian Artists, and Oil Painters of America. Her works reside in private collections across North America and the United Kingdom.

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