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Gust Gallery - Fine Arts

Waterton Lakes National Park

Rod Charlesworth

"Autumn Waterton"
18x24" oil on canvas
Rod Charlesworth - Autumn Waterton - 18x24 oil on canvas
"August Caribou Glacier"
12x16" oil on canvas
Rod Charlesworth - August Caribou Glacier - 12x16 oil on canvas
"Shifting Clouds"
12x36" oil on canvas
Rod Charlesworth - Shifting Clouds - 12x36 oil on canvas
"Autumn Kananaskis"
16x20" oil on canvas
Rod Charlesworth - Autumn Kananaskis - 16x20 oil on canvas
"Kananaskis Vista"
14x18" oil on canvas
Rod Charlesworth - Kananaskis Vista - 14x18 oil on canvas
"Late Summer, Glacier"
24x24" oil on canvas
Rod Charlesworth - Late Summer, Glacier - 24x24 oil on canvas
"Morning Glow Cariboos"
14x12" oil on canvas
Rod Charlesworth - Morning Glow Cariboos - 14x12 oil on canvas
"Rocky Mountain Emerald"
10x14" oil on canvas
Rod Charlesworth - Rocky Mountain Emerald - 10x14 oil on canvas
Artist Biography

Born in Northern British Columbia, Rod Charlesworth moved to the Okanagan at a young age. The Surrealists influenced his earliest works. He then discovered the works off the Impressionists, which provided him with his current artistic interests, including his keen interest in experimenting with colour and the physical properties of paint. Charlesworth follows in the footsteps of artists such as Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven.

Charlesworth's work is now collected worldwide. His work continues to be exhibited throughout the country. He remains committed to creating images that have a strong and distinct Canadian cultural influence. Whether this is expressed through his bold landscapes or his recent whimsical images of children at play, his viewers find a connection with each of his works of art.

“It's just paint; have fun with it!”

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